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At symposia on ballistics published papers :

Penetration Limits of Conventional Large Caliber Anti Tank Guns
Kinetic Energy Projectiles
13th International Symposium on Ballistics, Stockholm, 1992

Post-perforation Length and Velocity of KE Projectiles with single oblique Plates
15th International Symposium on Ballistics, Jerusalem, 1995

Minimum Impact Energy for KE-Penetrators in RHA-Targets
European Forum on Ballistics and Projectiles, St. Louis (F), 2000

Kinetic Energy Projectiles: Development History, State of the Art, Trends
19th International Symposium on Ballistics, Interlaken (CH), 2001

At TankNet posted :

Perforation Equation (with spread sheet)

Perforation Equation for Jacketed Penetrators (with spread sheet)

120mm Tungsten Penetrator Design V3.4 (with spread sheet)

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