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Exterior Ballistics

Compared to the highly curved trajectories of artillery shells in the operational area the flat trajectories of direct firing tank guns are easier to calculate. The bending is weak and the vertex heights are marginal. The trajectories can be calculated sufficiently accurate regarding the gravitational force, the air density and the drag force coefficient as constant. A numerical integration is unnecessary, formulas are good enough. If the muzzle velocity and the terminal velocity at the end - or near the end - of operational range of a LRP projectile is known one is able to calculate firing tables with a pretty good accurateness.

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Firing Table Calculator

Given values:

Input fields are already filled in with generic values of a 120mm Long Rod Penetrator. You may overwrite this values with your desired data.

Muzzle velocity m/s
Terminal velocity m/s
Range related to terminal velocity m
Air density related to terminal velocity kg/m3


Parameters as basis for the firing table:

Muzzle velocity for the F.T. m/s
Air density for the F.T. kg/m3
Values up to a range of m
Range steps x 100m




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